Cinematix started in 1980 as a bit of foolhardiness.

A young aspirant to filmmaking decided to give up his comfort zone in Calcutta
and shift to the bustle of Bombay to join the heady world of cinema.

He managed the move all right; but, surprisingly for the young lad of 23,
Bollywood didn’t beat down his doors.

So, he started Cinematix to make advertising films as a stopgap arrangement
till Bollywood saw the light.

Well, they didn’t.

The stopgap arrangement stretched for 25 years. He didn’t mind. The people in the
advertising business seemed to like him.

They certainly gave him enough work to keep him busy.
And threw in a few awards as well to keep him happy.

He was comfortable. And the spot boys loved him.

But, somewhere deep down there was that need to go out on a limb again.

And so, he did.

The organisation he started single-handedly so many years ago has come full circle.

Once more it has a total staff of one.

Sumantra Ghosal is feeling foolish again.
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