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The son of the tabla* legend Ustad Alla Rakha, Ustad Zakir Hussain began his
performing career as a child prodigy. Later, through path-breaking experiments, he
dramatically enlarged the scope of his chosen instrument. Today he is celebrated
internationally as a composer and a star performer.

The Speaking Hand charts Zakir’s growth from the by-lanes of Bombay to his current
fame as a world musician. In the course of this exciting history we experience first-hand the
unforgettable magic of his fingers. We see him perform with the many legends of the Indian
classical world. We hear him explain the intricacies of the tabla. And, we get rare glimpses of
the Planet Drum tour that brought together master drummers of the world in a breath-
taking celebration of world rhythms.

The concerts in The Speaking Hand are linked by fascinating interviews that give the
film a unique structure and charm.

                                                                           *The Indian drum mostly played with classical North Indian music
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