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In 2006, about the time that I gave up my life in advertising, Shyam Benegal asked me to make some films for the India Foundation for the Arts. In many ways that opportunity was a godsend.

IFA celebrates the multiplicity of arts practice that  takes place - often unsung - all over India. Coming, as I did, from the world of advertising and marketing, it was a serendipitous displacement.

Over the years, I have had other opportunities of working with IFA. But, those early films (made on the most primitive of equipment and with a skeletal crew) still remain close to my heart.
Watch Art Matters
Conserving Built Heritage
Photographing Popular Sculpture
Watch the individual stories
behind Art Matters
Theatre: Classical Meets Contemporary
Bringing Dance Into Education
Installation Art: Seeing Beauty In The Ordinary

And I got a very close look at the
often painful) process by which
a piece of choreography evolves
from concept to final performance.

Another collaboration with IFA
which turned  into a very
personal fim.

I was commissioned to document
a Dance Workshop that took place
in the summer of 2011 under the
aegis of the GATI Dance Residency.

A group of young, talented artists
struggled to find their individual
voices in a new world of movement art.

At the end of ten weeks, after a period
of rigorous mentoring, they got to
showcase their work in public.

Watch those ten weeks